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How it works

Our intention in building this API is to make it easier for companies and customers to protect and preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

You can calculate and offset GHG emissions for almost any activity through our APIs reliably and transparently.

We make it possible by generating and selling Carbon Credits through the Verified Carbon Standard, the world's most widely used greenhouse gas (GHG) crediting program, managed by Verra, the non-profit organization that sets the world's leading standards for climate action and sustainable development.

What is a Carbon Credit?

A carbon credit is equivalent to 1000kg of CO2eq that will no longer be emitted or captured from the atmosphere.

How do we generate carbon credits?

There are three mains ways to generate carbon credits:

  • Avoiding deforestation and degradation (REDD+)
  • Reforestation/Afforestation
  • Carbon Capture solutions

As a first step, we at Carbonext have chosen to do REDD+ projects not only because of their impact on degradation and deforestation but also because of their positive impact on social communities in the protected areas.

How to calculate and offset my emissions?

You can use one of our calculators or the GHG Protocol.

There are customized versions of the GHG protocol adapted to countries reality, such as the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, by FGV.

With your calculated emissions, you can offset what you can not reduce by purchasing carbon credits. You can make as many orders as you want through our dashboard without a minimum quantity.

Why should I offset my emissions?

Companies and organizations often cannot reduce all their GHG emissions. To address this issue, they buy carbon credits that help finance avoiding deforestation and degradation and provide access to health services, education, and other sustainable development benefits to project communities.